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Joining the Movement: Health-Conscious Ingredients

The gluten-free movement continues to gain momentum, and guess what? Those of you who are gluten-free or health-conscious might take comfort in knowing Johnson Chili ingredients are all gluten-free. Taking the theme a little further, our chili, available in Traditional and Hot-N-Spicy flavors, is made with only the finest, organic USDA-inspected and approved beef and…

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Twin Cities Welcome Johnson Chili

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Those chili-loving fairy god mothers are at it again! Johnson Chili is now available in Minnesota. HyVee store locations throughout the Twin Cities, where nearly 60 percent of the state’s residents live, are now host to our Traditional and Hot-N-Spicy flavors. You’ll find them in the frozen meat products aisle. Our expansion into Minnesota adds…

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Explaining the Chili Brick

A Chili Brick? What in the world? It’s a real thing; let us explain. A Chili Brick, made of ground beef, pork, and a specialty blend of spices, is bound together by creating a thick roux – a mixture of flour and fat cooked together – to thicken the sauce and then put into a…

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