Johnson Chili

Economics and Hunger Drive Demand

Economics 101 and chili seem like an unnatural duo, but are they?

Think about it. Basic economics tells us demand drives production, and in the case of chili, hunger drives demand. This is why our business recipe is one of customer-driven cravings – chili enthusiasts tell us where they want our products, and we work to get the shelves of local and independently-owned grocers stocked with our Original and Hot-N-Spicy creations. From Washington and California, to Iowa and Minnesota, Johnson Chili listens to the calls of hunger pangs, known a customer demand.

If you’re craving Johnson Chili, but are unable to locate our products in your neighborhood store, or the store hasn’t started carrying them, ask the store manager to call Johnson Chili directly at 303-437-8482 to get the products in stock. One phone call is all it takes to get your hands on our delicious chili delighting generations of chili lovers for more than 60 years.