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Enhance Your Tailgating Game with Johnson Chili

Football season is in full swing. And with it comes touchdowns, turnovers and tailgates. Yes, tailgates – social gatherings, where an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium. Where you have tailgates you have appetizers, and where you have appetizers, perhaps you have chili or queso, or some other fan favorite calling for chili.

Enhance your tailgating game with Johnson Chili. To do so, you’ve got to set the chili-based entrée or appetizer up for success. Consider your slow cooker or crock pot the quarterback, it sets the tone for the tailgate. To score a touchdown, you’ve got to please the crowd.

In the case of chili or queso, cold will never do. Instead crank up the heat (we’re talking temperature here) to carry your entrée or appetizer into the end zone. Fans will cheer for Johnson Chili and the offensive line!

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