Johnson Chili

Explaining the Chili Brick

A Chili Brick? What in the world? It’s a real thing; let us explain.

A Chili Brick, made of ground beef, pork, and a specialty blend of spices, is bound together by creating a thick roux – a mixture of flour and fat cooked together – to thicken the sauce and then put into a cup or pan to take shape. Once the mixture cools, it holds together for immediate use, or a prolonged life span in either the freezer or refrigerator. A Johnson Chili Chili Brick is the perfect start to any meal.

The Chili Brick originated in the good old days, when folks would spend hours in the kitchen, making chili bricks for future meal starters, like chili tamales, chili spaghetti, and dozens of other dishes. Available in Traditional and Hot-Not-Spicy flavors, Johnson Chili can mix up (or spice up) traditional recipes or be used in original creations.

At Johnson Chili, we take the work out of the Chili Brick and let you focus on making delicious meals full of flavor enriched by our slow-cooked chili base. What recipes do you cook up using our Johnson Chili Brick? We want to know! Email us at For more recipe ideas and motivation, go to

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