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Johnson Chili White Queso Dip Recipe

Queso dip is fast becoming as All-American as hot dogs and apple pie. You can join in this momentum and cook up your very own homemade queso dip with Johnson Chili. For your next football tailgate party, office potluck or any day of the week, we’ve got the only recipe you need for a straightforward and delicious crowd-pleaser.

Johnson Chili White Queso Dip Recipe


· 1lb white American cheese (from the deli counter, get a good brand)

· half and half

· 1/2 cup of Johnson Chili (Original or Hot-N-Spicy)


· In a double boiler set on low heat (enough to keep a gentle boil), add the cheese and some of the half and half.

· Stir the mixture until cheese begins to evenly melt, adding remaining half and half until the consistency is as you desire. It should be thin enough to flow well, but thick enough to stay on a chip.

· Slowly add a ½ cup of Johnson Chili. Stir mixture until the chili base is evenly mixed in.

· Enjoy!!!!!

Johnson Chili is made with only the finest meats and seasonings, fully cooked and flash frozen to ensure the great taste Johnson Chili lovers have come to expect. Plus, its organic and gluten-free. Whether you’re trying it for the first time or returning for your next chili fix, we have what you need!

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