Johnson Chili

Joining the Movement: Health-Conscious Ingredients

The gluten-free movement continues to gain momentum, and guess what? Those of you who are gluten-free or health-conscious might take comfort in knowing Johnson Chili ingredients are all gluten-free. Taking the theme a little further, our chili, available in Traditional and Hot-N-Spicy flavors, is made with only the finest, organic USDA-inspected and approved beef and pork, and specialty blend of chilis and spices.

Use Johnson Chili as a starter to mix up your favorite gluten-free recipes, or visit our recipe collection and give them new life with a gluten-free twist. The addition of Johnson Chili will easily satisfy the most discriminating palates. And remember, use only what you need; Johnson Chili can be kept in the refrigerator or refrozen as you desire.

Johnson Chili products are found in the frozen meat products aisle of your favorite independently-owned or chain food store, including WinCo Foods, King Soopers, Safeway, Bashas’, Raley’s Supermarkets, Walmart, Hy-Vee and Lucky Stores. If Johnson Chili isn’t currently available in your neighborhood store, ask the store manager to call Johnson Chili directly at 303-437-8482 to get the product in stock.

You can stay up on news, specials and promotions by joining the Johnson Chili Club. To stay connected and join the Johnson Chili fun, contact us at 303-292-1577 or

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