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Make Johnson Chili the House Guest You Don’t Want to Leave

Are family and friends descending upon you and your home for the Thanksgiving holiday? If so, as you already know, Holiday company often means grocery store visits, food-prep and timely coordination of meals and snacks. Johnson Chili wants to help.

Use Johnson Chili to mix up your traditional chili recipe or try something new like Chili Spaghetti. Both recipes are available on the Johnson Chili website, plus this one found on a food blogger’s site. If your family and friends are snackers, how about serving up Johnson Chili White Queso Dip? Get the recipe [link to previous blog]. Whatever you use it for, Johnson Chili, made with a special blend of chilis and spices, will easily satisfy the most discriminating palates. Better still, it’s made with USDA-inspected and approved beef and pork, and is gluten-free.

So, when you head out to the grocery store to pick up groceries to feed your house guests, don’t forget the Johnson Chili. Its flash-frozen to lock in the freshness and conveniently packaged in 16 oz resealable plastic containers. Look for it in the frozen food section. It’s available in Original or Hot-N-Spicy. Once home, you can keep it in the refrigerator or refreeze as you need.

Did we mention Thanksgiving is next week? Let Johnson Chili make at least one meal, maybe a snack too, a little easier.

For more taste-tempting recipes made with Johnson Chili, visit our Taste Kitchen page on the Johnson Chili website. You can stay up on news, specials and promotions by joining the Johnson Chili Club. Contact us at 303-292-1577 or

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