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Greetings to all chili fanatics across the country and welcome to Wade’s Chili Blog. While the origin of chili is diverse and not as well-known as the red-hot meaty stew itself; chili still holds a special spot in culinary hearts and repertoires as a delicious and highly versatile comfort food. For me, food is not just about feeding your body but about spending time with friends and family and creating something to share with others. As the third generation in our family food business, I take great pride and joy in delivering the finest ingredients packaged in a convenient 16oz flash-frozen container. As the next generation we are employing the most up to date manufacturing advancements in the food industry and in food safety, along with my family’s tradition of great food.

Right now, when the weather is turning chilly as the fall season begins to reach out, few things are more welcomed than cozying up to a nice hot bowl of Traditional or Hot-N-Spicy Johnson Chili. Nothing says fall like the aroma of a pot of great chili. The sports season is in high gear so, let your Johnson Chili dish do double duty. Whether tailgating for your favorite pro team or that special young MVP on your team, a hearty bowl of chili with meat goes a long way to keeping things delicious and fun. You can always count on Johnson Chili to bring on the comfort food feeling. A good chili is one of the most flexible dishes that can be prepared no matter what your cooking skill level is.

Do you like new and different things? Are you passionate about chili? We are presently offering Johnson Chili enthusiasts the opportunity to work with us as we develop and refine new ways and methods of using Johnson Chili in all types and kinds of recipes. Ready to heat and serve as a meal or as a condiment, Johnson Chili adds that needed zest to all kinds of foods that we’ll explore in our Taste Kitchen.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions as we discuss all things chili. And don’t forget to join the conversation on our Facebook page too!

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