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Original Johnson Chili


Satisfying the most discriminating palate, original Johnson Chili is made with only USDA inspected and approved beef and pork combined with a special blend of chilis and spices. The recipe for original Johnson Chili has not changed since its early days. To lock in that fresh flavor, the chili is flash frozen in convenient 16 oz. resealable plastic containers. That’s why you’ll find it in the frozen section of your favorite store.

Hot-N-Spicy Johnson Chili


Hot-N-Spicy Johnson Chili is made with a spicier blend of chilis and spices combined with USDA inspected and approved beef and pork to satisfy the palate seeking a hotter flavor. The Hot-N-Spicy recipe evolved out of the early days to become a favorite flavor of many Johnson Chili devotees. To lock in that fresh flavor, the chili is flash frozen in convenient 16 oz. resealable plastic containers. That’s why you’ll find it in the frozen aisle of your favorite store.


Quality Control / Why trust Johnson Chili


Through our processes, your risk of e-coli, salmonella and listeria are eliminated. Along with an ultra-clean precooked product the process also provides the extra benefit of a fresh 90 to 120 day shelf life.

Our quality assurance personnel provide detailed attention to every stage of our food processes, from production to delivery. For you- our customer- this means giving you the assurance of knowing who and what to trust as a manufacturer. Our documented and detailed quality assurance processes lead to convenience food products that consistently meet the high standards our customers expect. We undergo daily inspections to ensure we are meeting the rigorous guidelines established by the USDA.

These audits and inspections are used to qualify our manufacturing processes. Our employees are trained with commitment to food safety operating under the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP). GMP is the practices required to conform to the guidelines recommended by governmental agencies that control authorization and licensing for manufacture and sale of food products.

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Diminishing State Differences One Spoonful of Chili at a Time

By Johnson Chili | July 18, 2018

Nearly 1,500 miles of varying terrain and cultural differences separate California and Nebraska. Today, these states now have at least one thing in common – Johnson Chili. Rejoice Chili Lovers! Grocers in both states now stock our Original and Hot-N-Spicy flavors in their frozen meat products aisles. In California, you’ll find Johnson Chili atselect Grocery…

Indulging the Many Palates of Johnson Chili

By Johnson Chili | July 11, 2018

At Johnson Chili, even our employees can’t get enough of the good stuff. Last month, Johnson Chili employees teamed together to host and enjoy an employee cook-off featuring, you guessed it, Johnson Chili. Recipes on display and for the tasting included: Dutch Oven Chili Topped with Corn Bread, Frito Pie, Chili Lasagna with Cilantro Garnish,…

Feed Your Chili Cravings with PayPal

By Johnson Chili | June 20, 2018

At Johnson Chili, we’re making it easier for you to get your hands on the stuff you love. We’ve recently added the PayPal functionality to our website. This means you can now order our Original and Hot-N-Spicy products directly from the World Wide Web. Never mind hunting through store after store to get your chili…

Think Outside the Box This Father’s Day

By Johnson Chili | June 14, 2018

This Father’s Day, how about giving Dad something he really wants? Its not a tie nor is it another sleeve of golf balls. This year, we’re thinking outside the box and suggesting the gift of Johnson Chili. Made with only the finest meats and seasonings, fully cooked and flash frozen to ensure the great taste…

Dining Al Fresco: Sloppy Joes the Johnson Chili Way

By Johnson Chili | June 6, 2018

Milder weather is settling in and more and more folks are taking their dinners outdoors. Next time an outdoor meal beckons you, how about fixing up a plate of sloppy joes made the Johnson Chili way? The organic USDA-inspected and approved mixture of beef and pork, and specialty blend of chilis and spices makes for…

Bring Johnson Chili on Your Next Camping Trip

By Johnson Chili | May 30, 2018

The Camping Season is fast approaching. How about dominating this year’s outdoor adventures with gourmet breakfast burritos prepared fire-side? Add a little Johnson Chili to the burrito and you’ve got a morning fiesta! Available in 16 oz resealable plastic containers, your stash of Johnson Chili will fit perfectly in a cooler of just about any…

The Great Lakes State Has Great Taste

By Johnson Chili | May 2, 2018

Good news Michigan chili lovers, Johnson Chili is now available in select Busch’s Fresh Food Markets locations and from wholesale food distributor, Lipari Foods. You’ll now find our Original and Hot-N-Spicy flavors in frozen meat products aisles from Ann Arbor and Canton, to Tecumseh and Rochester Hills. Our chili is winning markets over one spoonful…

Taco Salad The Johnson Chili Way

By Johnson Chili | April 26, 2018

Guacamole, tacos and salsa, Olé. Cinco de Mayo is approaching muy rápido, and at Johnson Chili, we want you and your palate prepared for any festive fiestas that comes your way. Pay honor to Hispanic heritage celebrations with taco salad made the Johnson Chili way. Johnson Chili is made with only the finest meats and…

Parenting Magic: Serving up Dinnertime Favorites

By Johnson Chili | April 18, 2018

Parenting Magic. It might as well be real. From occupational commitments and domestic responsibilities, to personal interests and child-rearing, life is busy. If you’ve got kids, you’re likely cleats deep into spring sports with little time for dinner prep. How about winning them over by cooking up some Johnson Chili goodness? A delicious entrée on…

Add Johnson Chili to Your Summertime Plans

By Johnson Chili | March 28, 2018

The days are getting brighter, birds are signing and flowers are blooming. You don’t have to be a weather buff to know Summer follows Spring, and it too will be here in the blink of an eye. If you find yourself idly daydreaming of summer nights gathered around a campfire, add a warm bowl of…